Death of Vomitspit

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Find me @ KRUMBSNATCH feel me on this one.


Recall Match

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its about that time son

iight to yall.. I got my apt now down in the south so everything be all good right about now plus im gettin all my shit together!
Mad people been gettin shot these late days n shit, whoever is shootin up whatever is on some fucked up shit right now imma tell you that. Im gonna keep on doin what im doin thou’, Soon ill get my Mac and then there will be more writin in this ;PRESS; aswell…

Can’t really believe its still alive after all these days … lets see what the future brings


Dirty South

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Whats really good people, its been a while alright.
Okay so im currently studying down south in the city of Malmö
Im gettin along well out here and im just doin my thing.
There’s not much to say really, I’ve been thinkin about gettin a tumblr thou..
So it stands to see if this will be the death of Vomitspit.


yet so close but still so far

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Life is like a game of chess..
You must think before you move

after all I been thru man they can keep it

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Just some two days ago I got into the game
let us see the outcome of what will happen

Blueprint & Illogic alongside with The Catalyst
they comin at ya like warlords


What is is? One time! Pac Div!

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iight imma let yall get on this west coast shit right here. My dude got over this group called Pac Div they bringing fire to that west coast rap shit
They keepin it mean but still 2 damn clean, these dudes definitly showin what the fuck is up at  the PACIFIC DIVISION!
West Coast bout to shine more than ever.

Lotta things going on right now in life as im actually growing up.
I got things to take care of so imma be slow on the updates
imma holla thou’
imma letchu know wassup.


Episodes of the year

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I know im really slow on the update but it aint no fun updatin when nuttin happenin feel me?
Time is money things about to happen. Anyways I just want yall to know that if you likin this sound
U can go buy some more
u need to take ya ass to the store
and tell a friend or two
go tell em that this shit is

If you liked it go check Hi-tek’s version out
Hi-Tek Ft. Talib Kweli  & Dion – Time